Success Tip-Amy

Tip 1: Understand deadlines

One tip that I will start using is understanding deadlines. This tip is significant because I always lose track of time and there’s always other homework distract my mind when I work on a homework from different subject in my case. I will use this tip in this class by writing the due date in top of the papers and go to tutoring if needed to get my homework complete. Understanding deadlines is important because you don’t want to fail the class and you don’t want to hand in important assignments late. When you hand in important assignments late, your grade can drop easily and it’s majority of your semester class and GPA. It’s important to hand in your assignments online and must keep up on the deadlines.

Tip 2: Find study skills that work for you

Another tip that I will start working next is finding study skills that works for me. This tip is significant because I tried many study skills but there’s distraction on the way when the work I am doing and I would have headaches when I don’t get enough sleep. I will use this tip in this class by talking to classmate when I am struggling or work in groups. When I am out of the class, listening to music while doing my homework can make me feel stressful and being able to complete my assignments when the music is my favorite but not too hype because it would distract me and it makes my mind got messed up when I try to focus. Finding a study skill that works for me isn’t easy because I have to figure out what fits for me and what doesn’t fit me and being able to stick to it is my goal when finding a study skill.

2 thoughts on “Success Tip-Amy”

  1. These are excellent recommendations for raising academic achievement. Understanding deadlines is essential for avoiding lost chances and making sure you can keep up with your homework and other projects.  Finding study techniques that work for you is a crucial first step in achieving academic achievement.

  2. I loved that you added “understanding deadlines” as one of your tips because I can completely agree with you when you say its easy to lose track of time. It is something that I need to work on for the future if I want my grades to improve .

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