Reading Response RLW — Balthazar

“When we read like writers we understand and participate in the writing. We see the choices the writer has made, and we see how the writer has coped with the consequences of those choices” 

While reading “How to Read Like a Writer” I found that this quote encompassed most of the main ideas introduced throughout the essay. What I learned from this quote is that while reading a particular text, as a reader I should be engaging with the text by identifying the choices the author has made structurally. By asking myself questions such as “why did the author use this word” or “why did they choose to convey their idea in this particular way”. I will benefit as a writer by gaining a deeper understanding of not only the material, but the structural choices the author made to help convey their ideas. In doing this it gives me the opportunity to understand the proper use of writing techniques and hopefully incorporate them into my own writing.  

2 thoughts on “Reading Response RLW — Balthazar”

  1. Thank you for pointing this out, I also found this interesting because it is a technique I look forward to implementing into my own writing as well. For me I noticed when writers do this it keeps me interested to keep on reading the entire text.

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