Podcast analysis – Daniela V.


I chose the podcast “ The evolution of dating culture , Podcast With My Parents “ by Ari G. The title immediately lets the audience know what the topic will be about, which is how dating culture has changed over time. It starts off with a very lighthearted tone. The intro to the podcast includes cheerful ambient music and laughter. Ari starts off by asking the question “ How has dating culture changed? “ She mentions that her parents, Erika and Dwike are 40. She is 16. This is where the curiosity starts because due to the age gap, it is clear we will be hearing very different perspectives on dating. It is evident who is speaking, because Ari has a questioning tone, and her parents are answering her. This podcast falls into the interview/conversation category. Ari is leading the conversation with her parents by asking when dating starts, after how many dates would it take for a relationship to be “ official “ and the stages of dating. Ari lets her parents speak a good amount. At the two minute mark she also introduces her sister Anella who is 20 years old. She is sort of a middle ground in this conversation, and it does add layers to the conversation. The conversation between her mom and dad takes up most of this podcast though, which is five minutes. It is not long, but it does cover the topic well enough that five minutes did suffice. Ari uses mostly pathos, by making the audience see how much dating has changed overtime and compare it to their own personal experience. This podcast could appeal both to older and younger people, as we have both perspectives in the podcast. Ari uses the same cheerful music as her outro, and ends off with a wrap up statement which is “ Think about what dating means to you “. This statement lets the audience form their own inferences on the topic which is always a positive thing. For the reason that there is room for personal connections to be made.

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