Mentor text analysis of podcast – Nyazia B

“Period Poverty “ by Genevieve Schweitzer

“With the Opioid crisis, Don’t stop at NARCAN” by Kristina V

“My incarcerated family” by Samantha Zazueta

“Sexism at Lillian Osbourne” by Kaia J

“Seeking an end to cycles of abuse” by Destiny Mabry

I chose the podcast “Seeking an End to Cycles of Abuse” by Destiny Mabry. The title is very effective and gives you an idea of what the podcast will be about without even having to listen. It starts off with Destiny introducing her mom who she is having a conversation with about relationships to get the people listening intrigued. After the conversation with her mom she introduces herself and her story about domestic abuse. The podcast builds on the conversation she had with her mom in the beginning by talking about her story with domestic abuse and how it was a cycle with the women in her family. I noticed she used conversations with her mom and her sister and also included the sound of her crying to bring out empathetic feelings towards people listening. The sounds in the podcast shows real emotion and it kept my attention and also made me feel sympathy towards her. The podcast ends with Destiny speaking out about how the cycle of domestic abuse continues when it isn’t spoken about. She appeals to pathos in the outro of her podcast by telling the outcome of domestic violence when it isn’t talked about. She uses her sister’s story with domestic violence to make the people listening feel sympathy towards their situation and uses it as a way to bring awareness to it. She concludes her podcast with a message to bring awareness to the cycle of domestic abuse that repeats when no one talks about it and the first step is to recognize it.

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