Mentor Text Analysis of Podcast- Dessire Perez

  1. Sexism at Lillian Osborne“- by Kaia Janmohamed
  2. Black Ink”-by Kaela Wilkinson and Jalen Lewis
  3. With the Opioid Crisis, Don’t Stop at Narcan”-by Kristina Vakhman
  4. A Day in the Life of an Anxious High Schooler” – by Cece Benz

( I could do a mix of #1 and #4. #4 is a podcast that takes us into the life of Cece Benz. It’s the narration of that voice inside her head and how she goes about her day )

I chose the podcast “Sexism at Lillian Osborne” by Kaia Janmohamed. This title is effective because she talks about sexism that has been occurring in her school. The podcast begins with clips of activists and reporters talking about sexism. Janmohamed then proceeds with making reference to the breakfast club in order to show how people may have presumptions of who they are. She talks about the issues with gender equality and how it needs to be resolved. Janmohamed continues by figuring out how to prove that social sexism still exists in the world. She brings in more clips from news reporters addressing this topic. After all of this, she begins to reflect upon her experience with sexism within her own high-school. A game of telephone gone wrong had led students to begin talking about how many guys, girls have slept with and how provocative their outfits were. This ideology became the norm for students without realizing the damage that it has caused. Next came clips from a couple of young girls talking about the issues within their school. She includes this to acknowledge the fact that it was affecting more females than males. Janmohamed states how boys on the other hand, took the same information to be a positive thing. They would brag about how many girls they have had and degrade them. As she nears the end, she talks about the progress that the world has made towards eliminating sexism. She includes a call to action by stating how men and women should be seen as equals. She ends by asking people to take more steps toward eliminating the belief of one sex being superior to the other. I hope to be able to emulate the inclusion of clips from multiple sources as well as my own experiences. I found it quite unique how she did not only use outside content but rather voices from a number of levels. She used the voices of other students to enforce her point and brought in her own opinion to solidify the connection that she has to her topic. The podcast as a whole reached five minutes just as we are expected to do. It was a reasonable length that was able to hit all the points that she needed to address. At the end of the day she wants to reach out to everyone ,no matter the gender to be able to create a non-bias environment.

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