Mentor Text Analysis of Podcast- Sindy J.

  1. A Day in the Life of an Anxious High Schooler.” By Cece benz
  2.  “ On the Day Their Concentration Camp Was Liberated” by Margot and Susan Moinester
  3. Seeking An End to Cycles of Domestic Abuse” by Destiny Mabry
  4. Sexism at Lillian Osborne,” by Kaia Janmohamed

The podcast I chose is called “Sexism at Lillian Osborne” by Kaia Janmohamed. I chose this podcast because the title intrigued me. The title has the word sexism and I feel like I see a lot on the topic but also haven’t seen more improvement on it. She starts of by using women’s voices who sound powerful and determined at the beginning to introduce the tone for the whole podcast. This podcast is a interview/ conversation and personal with no background music. She uses clips from a show called breakfast club to introduce how the kids realize they are treated different because of their social status but they realize they are the same. She tell us this story because she then compares it to people being treated differently based on their gender. She then proceeds to acknowledge that people tend to ignore talking about how big of a problem this is. The problem is not solved even though it is better than before it is not gone, and you can see it in high schools. She brings up that even though there isn’t concrete evidence to say that it is problem, she is going to use this podcast as a way to communicate. Kaia also uses reporter clips to prove her point that it still exists even if many choose to ignore it or normalize it. Her experience with this was in her high school when people started talking about her going on a date with a guy. By the end of the day the whole school including teacher knew about it and it only affected her and not the guy. She includes clips of the opinions of girls in her high school saying how some girls put down other girls. She also says she hears groups of boys talk bad about girls like it nothing. The school dress code was also brought up as a problem because it only really affects girls and not guys, only girls will get called out and told to change Kaia thinks that the school treats them as objects, so it leads the rest to think of them the same way. Kaia mentions the stereotypes for boys, which is to not to be emotional to be masculine. Kia wants these things to stop because everyone should be free of the stereotypes and judging. We have to put the past behind and focus in the present of what where living through because we improved form the past but we need to push to improve more. If we try bringing more awareness on sexism, it should be because we truly believe that both men and women are equal. In the end she says how she realized along the way that that the topic is really important to her and she wishes to make other people acknowledge the same thing.

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