Shitty First Drafts -Zoila

Part A

Writing you first draft is more about the process, typing or writing your own voice and thoughts onto paper. Knowing that you are going to go back and fix and shape it out. But the point is to make sure you have everything you want to say onto paper. So you’ll have a better idea or guide on how to start off a better second draft.

Part B

“The right words and sentences just do not come pouring out like ticker tape most of the time.”( Paragraph 2 line 7-8) that our perception of writers isn’t always true. That they struggle as much as anyone else does when writing . The right words just won’t come to your brain sometimes, Maybe your starting sentence can be the hardest part of writing . these are struggles everyone goes through when writing your first draft. But that’s why the process of writing your first draft is so important to a writer or anyone who writes about any topic.

2 thoughts on “Shitty First Drafts -Zoila”

  1. I agree with your interpretation of this line, but I would like to add that writers also have a hard time coming up with the right words that is the reason why they write so many drafts and edit it over and over again until it perfect.

  2. I like the quote that you picked out because I find that to be true. Whatever we write for our first draft will never be perfect. It’s going to come out all in a scrabble which is why the second draft would be a better version of the first one since we will be going back to the first draft and revise it.   

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