Plan Week is March 19 – 26

What is Plan Week?

Plan Week occurs each semester and is specifically geared toward helping students prepare for registration for the next semester.

•    Plan Week  this semester in March 19-26 and It is highly encourage for you to participate in Plan Week activities.

•    Need to talk to an Advisor check out  Faculty Advisors website, where they you can find email addresses for scheduling advisement appointments.

•     Fill out the Plan Week questionnaire and win prizes.

The Five Tasks for Students to Complete before Registration 

1.   Check your holds to make sure you know if there’s anything you need to resolve first 

2.   Check your DegreeWorks/ Degree Audit (Log into DegreeWorks)

3.   Review a sample course of study for majors and create a plan for at least two semesters of classes you want to take in future semesters

4.   Identify how to get in touch with your advisor and be prepared with questions.

5.   Launch your Schedule Builder

Full details on the Plan Week web page!

Online Support Schedule with Peer Mentors – optional Zoom sessions guided by staff and peer mentors 

Monday, March 25, 1:00–4:00 PM   ZOOM LINK

Tuesday, March 26,  1:00–4:00 PM  ZOOM LINK

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