Journal Post Three

I used both EBSCO and Google Scholar or well tried to at least and some of the phrases I searched were “print media”, “broadcast media” , “fair use in reporting”, “creating the news” and “media’s truth”. I didn’t find similarities between the results with the two different search methods, but differences I did find EBSCO didn’t really provide me with accurate articles non of which lead me to something useful for my paper. I feel as though Google scholar is more user friendly because it easily understood my key terms and found some useful articles where as EBSCO didn’t find any it doesn’t understand the natural spoken language or well how I type like Google scholar does in my opinion.

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  1. Shamekia says:

    I had similar problems like you did. I didn’t really like using the database or Google scholar. My biggest problem is that it doesn’t understand natural language, I would put in “educational games”, “games in the classroom” and I would get nothing, whereas if I type it in Google. The database isn’t user friendly because I believe it’s old in the sense where it comes to the use of language now. With Google on the other hand you can type just as how you would speak to your friend which is much easier.

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