Journal 3

I am stuck on my annotation bibliography. I have hard time to cite sources even use citeseerx that professor provided to us. I guess have to keep working on it, so I can get partial credit.  I found many articles on Google Scholar and library databases. But I prefer to use Google Scholar. It is convienience and provides more relevant article about my topic. I just typed keywords in the search engine bar, and it will pull out tons articles.  I have problem to pick the articles. I have to scan every single one to see which articles are most relevant to my topic.

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  1. I have had hard time in writing my annotated bibliography too. First of all, I was getting problems in finding source that can be reliable. I found some articles using Google scholar and library database too. In the beginning I was not getting appropriate information I need for my paper. But later I was able to get the relevant information. I guess scanning is the only way to figure out that this is the information I need for my paper. Once I found relevant source, I didn’t know how to explain why I am using this source. But end of the day, after spending time on searching how to write annotated bibliography I was able to finish my assignment on time.

  2. Ling says:

    I am still struggle on my research paper. I have no problem of finding information to support my research topic question. I guess I just don’t know how to organize and write about it. Everything has become so smooth at begining until I started to write annotation bibliography. Anyway, I think I should start to ask for help.

  3. Jovi says:

    One of my sources had to be replaced with another more efficient one over the weekend. It satisfies the scholar rule. I will get more acquainted with LexisNexis and JSTOR for news sources. There is still time to be used wisely. Some changes will be made to the annotated bibilography. I have to give credit to the libraries I have visited, and the Internet for such sources from afar that I can actually hold in my bear hands. Remembering due dates for the books is going to be a note in mind. Quality would matter a little more than quantity , the paper is five to eight pages, and five is the minimum number of sources required. When it down to it, the quality will be the depth.

  4. Ricardo says:

    I have had difficulties as well when looking for scholarly journals about my research question. Even journals that have the slightest connection to my question have been difficult to come by. Of course as for news articles and web sources, those are easily at my disposal. When I started searching for scholarly journals through EBSCO, I found a few articles but they ended up not being scholarly or related to the topic of my question. Another obstacle is trying to read through the information, skimming through the paragraphs isn’t so easy when its diction is dense and very long. Then I have to look up the words I don’t know and reread paragraphs. However the research has allowed me to learn new ways to research and organize my work.

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