Research Journal 3

I used Google Scholar search engine and EBSCO database to find article and book for my research paper. While searching for any article or book, I didn’t find much difference between these two. When I tried to get full article, I got full pdf on EBSCO without any problem but Google Scholar was telling me to add it to your cart, purchase it, subscribe to this publication and log in first etc. At the end I find myself using EBSCO database more than Google Scholar, Because I don’t want to waste my time on doing that stuff when I can get that same article on  EBSCO without any complication.

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  1. Hey Happy,
    I actually got the exact opposite results from my searches than you did. I have found that EBSCO and similar database lead to more pay walls search result. I was wondering, did you type the exact wording when performing the searches? I ask this because I had to tweak the wording to get similar result using Google Scholar and EBSCO. As far as not wasting time on the search method that produces the worst results, I totally agree with that strategy. I guess the source that we decide to use for information varies by topic or even the user.
    Good luck on your paper
    Robert Taylor

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