Journal Entry-Research Topic Proposal

Dear Journal,

So far, my proposal is going well. It’s about copyright and fair use. I submitted my proposal to Prof. Leonard and she says that it’s too “general”. Give me a break. Also, I’m still researching on my topic so that not only I can get a decent grade but to impress the professor because I want to show my potential in this class. As of now,  I have no difficulties with my research at this time. My strategies is to focus more on facts and be more specific rather than too general, as Prof. Leonard pointed out. Also, I have no questions that need answers so I can simply say that I’m okay for now. If I happen to have anything that I want to release from the mind, I’ll let the professor know myself. This is what I can write for now and I will write again in the future. Later!


Virgilio Samo III

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