Chapter 3: Database / Search Engine

What is a Database? According to Badke, Databases are  any kind of colllection data that can be retrieved using organized search procedures. He explained how many people today can be expert at searching things on the computer by using keywords and other websites. What they do not know is how to search for a Database properly. That is when the search Engine (Information Retrival (I.R) system) comes to play. In Liddy Elizabeth’s article, she explained how researchers and develppers have more advantage of using the system than the consumers. I agree with her because like Badke eplained in the above, people just use keywords and want the system to find what they really want. But that is not how it works. Lets take Google as a simple example. If you are typing a common name such as Washington, Google might give you more than 5,0000 articles about it. And this is  the part where people starts to be lost when it comes to researching. Why? the keywords you used have a lot of meaning to the system and  because you were not specific, it provided you that much information about Washington. Now, what you do is absolutely not wrong but takes too much of your time for the research and I am pretty sure no one wants to stay too long researching something. We all want quick results. To conclude, how do we use Database and Search Engine properly? the key is very simple. ” You need to know that most Database use descriptive records that stand in a place of an actual content when you search” -Badke. In other words, being specific.


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