Badke Ch2

In Chapter 2, Badke told us what the purpose of doing research project and how to write a good research paper. He explained that purpose of doing research project is to gethering data and bring out the questions of topic, and use data to analysis and answer the questions. He said that students should use data as a tool, not as a goal to retell the story. A good reseach paper should contains basic information of working knowledge and five Ws of inquiry: who, what, where, when and why. He also suggested to narrow the topic when students write a research paper.

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One Response to Badke Ch2

  1. Jovi says:

    Badke absolutely believes data serves as a tool, not as a goal. If a research question is not specific, the research paper is going to come out shallow, just like the research question. It is not going to have barely any depth to it. A vague question is going to make the research paper fall short, boring, flat and monotonous. I agree that the 5w’s help develop the basic information necessary to start off the research paper.

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