Research Strategies

Researching in these days is becoming very easy than in past all because of technology development. In chapter 2 Badke talked about how you can make your research a good research. What is a good research? Most of the people usually get puzzled what to write about, what can make their research interesting, whenever they get research assignment for their class. As Badke said in this chapter a research is not about describing what already has been described, also not only gathering the information but to use the information to solve a problem. People as readers don’t want to read about what they already know instead they want to read about what they don’t know or have little information about the topic. As a reader I always look forward what interests me not what makes me sleepy.

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One Response to Research Strategies

  1. Ricardo says:

    Actually, I find that research in the present day is more complicated. There are too many sources which we have to go through and decipher for ourselves in order to determine whether its reliable or not. We can easily be overwhelmed by the ocean of information to the point where we start to panic. Before the rise of the world wide web, information was stored in libraries and in encyclopedias. The downfall to this was the wait for updated information on a subject, while in the present technological age, updated information is immediately publish and thrown into internet articles for the world to read.

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