Search Engines and Our Usage

Every day, we search everywhere for the information that we need or desire. However, we do not get the results on our own. We acquire them by using search engines. A search engine uses a variety of features to narrow your search to provide users with the information based on what keywords you inputted. Each search engine is made up of four components which are: a Ranking Capability, a Querry Processor, a Search Match Function, and a Document Processor. Many companies used search engines as a means to advertise their business. They also must utilize search engine optimization in order to achieve brand recognition.

However, computers cannot process in the same fashion like us human beings. Anything that we type in, the computer tries to find all possible results of your search. Sometimes, a result that seems too good to be true ends up being inaccurate, irrelevant, and even dangerous. I was trying to search for something entertaining, a funny video, and I came across a search. I clicked on it and it was not what I  expected. There was this troll face and this song….I can’t really describe it but after a while, my computer acted funny and suddenly, it died. Lesson learned: “unless the search is legit, don’t click on anything.”

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