Rising Folksonomies

Folksonomy is frequently prevalent nowadays, considering masses of people are on social media websites. The classic use, basically, of folksonomy, is for users create their own set of tags to classify their entries or photos. ‘Facebook’ is the most trending social media website, where folksonomy occur the most. People on the website tag so an innumerous amount of people to one, simple image, status blogs, and so on. Other social media websites where folksonomy is used are: Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest. It is definitely very convenient for a group to see things simultaneously, such as photo albums, videos, business oriented work, etc, as opposed to obsolete days, where as it would be a hassle or inconveniency to show a big group one small thing. It can be much easier for people to collaborate, as well, in regards to tagging people of school work; in essence, students can work together and brainstorm, working together to solve homework and projects. This being said, can we, as people, take it to the next level and ensure that folksonomy thrives? I think it is quite possible, as it is growing day by day.

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