Folksonomy, Flickr and Metadata

Flickr is a photo sharing social network created in 2004. It essentially reestablished about the sharing of photo albums. This idea of sharing photos was killed temporary after the creation of digital cameras. When digital cameras were made people stopped developing there photos and most photos simply remained on a memory card, hidden from the world. When flickr came about people began posting pictures simply to see how the world will respond to them. Will people like the photos? Will they be bashed and called horrible photography? You never know, but people continued to use this social network. Users began to tag there photos based upon what is in the photo. Thus making it easier to search and find photos. The grouping of similar photos by tag is a form of folksonomy. These photos tags are considered metadata. Metadata is data about data, which in this case the tags describe the pictures, especially if the tag describes where the photo is being taken, or the time it was taken (like a birthday or family reunion.)

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