Flickr, a Social networking Site

Flickr is a social networking site. It is the world’s leading photo-sharing site, where people create profiles, upload photos and chat to each other and make stranger friends. In the beginning it was just an extra feature in a tongue-in-cheek game developed by a husband-and-wife team in Vancouver. It was launched by Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield in 2004. Some people just used it to store their photos and scanned images while other truly brought it to life. People fell in love and start business with the people, who became their friends on the Flickr. For example Aaron Nace, a photographer from North Carolina, met Rosie Hardy, a Mancunian teenager, on Flickr; they fell in love and started a company together. Flicker doesn’t ask personal information for example age and address etc. like other social networking sites. Along with the benefits some harms were also found for example the narcissistic teenage girls (‘selfies’ as they are termed in Flickr-speak) who post endless self-portraits and whose pictures sometimes end up on the cover of pornographic DVDs (as happened to Flickr user Lara Jade in 2007). At the end according to Kakul Srivastava, general manager of the flickr, it may end up becoming one of the great social documents of the 21st century.

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