The Article by Jessica Dye compare the difference between the Folksonomy made  by robots and Taxonomy provided by the library. Because of the internet, many people think it is more accurate and time saving if they do their research on the web even though they are aware that some informations that are given are not true. Another reason that more people would choose to use the internet to do their research is the fact that they have tags. By clikcing one of those tags, it will bring you to another website or page that will give a specific defintion of the word that you did not quite understand the meaning of. In the library however, it does not have any tags and takes quite more amount of your time doing your research. But the library, have more accurate informations than the internet. It just takes some time to find them. To conclude, in my opinion, doing a research depends only on the person’s skills on the internet (if the person knows a web that has  trustful sources) or the person’s skills in the library.

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  1. I agree with you that doing a research depends on the person’s skill on the internet or the person’s skill in the library. Online gives traffic of information related to your search and make you confuse in choosing the right information just like finding real gold in many shining (artificial) things. There are still so many people who still like to go to the library and search for whatever they need because may be they trust more on the book’s information than online information or maybe they like to read books than getting confuse with the online information traffic.

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