Samuelson:Opening sccess to knowledge, Martin:The politics of research

It is sad that Aaron Swartz has passed. He never told anyone why he downloaded millions of journal storage articles while at MIT. This is the downfall of having unlimuited access to knowledge online.  I did not know what the RSS stood for until now. No one knows if Aaron knew he committing a cyber-crime. What were the 13 felony offenses that prosecutors charge d Aswatz with? Samuelson does not have the answer.

I found out researchers rely on funding and disciplines to be effective professionals. I thought ‘popularisation’ was splled with a ‘z’, not a ‘s’. The profession of econometricians is new to me; I knew about economists already. It is ashamed that John Blatt’s efforts were completely ignored. Neoclassical economics could have been altered in a good way. Ghandian economics is also a new term.

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