blog post for 3/5

Aaron Swartz having downloaded 4 million scholarly articles than committing suicide before we can even figure out why is what intrigues me about the story. I was happy to hear he was very much against the Stop Online Piracy Act more commonly known as SOPA because I myself was very much against the act. punishing websites and the public this severely felt cruel and unjust. I feel that Aaron Swartz downloaded all the articles because of reason number three that the articles were written to advance knowledge in the world not to create boundaries.

The article by Brian Martin from 1998 was interesting even then he knew that the work of professional researchers were and still is  strongly influenced by funding and the competition you can tell because most information gathered is either to prove a direct point or to help out big companies see small effects from their actions over the years. either way it is always going to be difficult to figure out who is right or wrong in a situation like this considering the only answer is going to be one that makes both sides happy.

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