Privacy and its Limitations

After viewing all the articles about privacy, I can simply say that privacy is not as guaranteed as it used to be. Now, almost every user is trying their best to keep any or all their information from falling into the wrong hands. In social sites such as Facebook or Twitter, you can adjust your privacy to any extent you choose. The only thing users should know is that the sites’ developers can see what information you enter. Therefore in the online world, privacy is limited. For example, if a user enters a paragraph about how the government should “go f**k itself” and makes it private, the developers can expose that paragraph, trace it back to the user, and convict him/her to an extent of the law. I know that when I’m on Facebook, my time is being monitored which leads me to two questions: How come higher powers (corporations, governments) have more privacy privileges than the public? Should the public have the right to know what those higher powers are up to?

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