Plagiarism and the Literate Population

Plagiarism is when a writer takes the original work of other writers and authors and uses it as his/her own work. Like the internet, writers must patent their work in order to prevent them from being stolen by other wannabe writers. When writing a novel or any other piece of literature, publishers review the piece to determine if it has any words or paragraphs that are exactly the same as another piece of literature published at a earlier time. If the publishers find evidence of plagiarism, the writer faces similar consequences of those of an online user. Because it is important to read and write, not many people can read and write too well, especially those who are currently attending educational facilities. The only time people can use others’ pieces of literature is by mentioning them in quotes and giving credit to the original authors. Sometimes, writers are unaware that certain topics were already published and are punished for accidental plagiarism.

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