After reading the articles i believe there is no digital privacy, specifically no privacy on the internet. Law enforcement can raid your online activities without a warrant at any time they like. Just based upon a search you made they may find it viable to investigate your online ventures, even though your intentions were not related to illegal activities. Not only can law enforcement watch over your internet activities, but advertisement companies have records of the sites you visited. They use this information to find a way to make you want to buy there products. They will study things you like to find a way to grab your attention. Also, facebook is not private, unless you choose to make your profile private. Possible employers can just google your name and if you have not changed your facebook settings, your profile will most likely be the first page. All of your photos, videos, wall postings are made public unless you change your settings to private or friends only.

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2 Responses to Privacy

  1. Jovi says:

    I agree with Madi that nothing done online is private, no matter how many profiles are set to be private. It gives the government the power to monitor and observe its people, in a way, to protect everyone. Society views this issue as invasion of privacy; they see the government as perpetrators. Now if a particular person or a club invades privacy, they can get in trouble. The government, under federal law, is allowed to see everything society does online, and gets away with it.

  2. Shamekia says:

    I agree with Madi. There is absolutely no privacy in anything we do. I often jokes to my friends while on the phone saying before of what you say because someone else is listening in on our conversation. No one usually takes me seriously when I say that but that’s how people get caught by the government and things they tap the people your mostly in contact with lines. When it comes to Facebook that’s one of the biggest reason why I left because it wasn’t private anymore, with every updates it got less private.

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