Last class, we watched  a film called Rip, a remix by Manifesto that argues about copyrights and its use. I find the film very interesting because it taught me how the copyrights law started and how abusive the big corporations and companies are using that law in order for them to make profit to people. Manifesto explained and showed how  people actually uses the works of an orginal (video,sounds, images, figures) by making it as a remix or just simply take a sample amount of the work and use it which I find very creative . The owners and companies unfortunately think that people have stolen their properties. The owner has every right to claim about his work if its used by others . On the other hands people who take the owner’s work think that they abuse their rights  by not letting them use their work for non-profit. For instance, at a certain  school a person was drawing a Mikey mouse on the wall of the school for the students and was accused of violating the law  by disney for stealing their characters. In my opinion, if thats what copyright is all about then it is just a way for big companies such as disney to collect money from others. That is why Manifesto created the film. To show and convince abusive and ridiculous those big companies are doing to us. They want to control and have everything for themself and not allow our creativity to be free. Today, there is still conflict between them. But which one is right?

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  1. Madi says:

    I believe the big companies are correct to a certain extent. If someone is using there idea to see profit then by all means i think they have a right to step in judiciously. However if its simply someone drawing mickey mouse on the school walls for the children, they’ve take it too far. Those drawings were simply made for the entertainment of the children. In the case of downloading music illegally, I believe the companies are also correct, however asking people to pay ridiculous amounts of money is absurd. They could simply ask them to delete them, and if more songs are downloaded illegally then take legal action.

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