Reason for Copyright laws

“Copyright” is deemed as something of wrongdoing and breaking the law; however, people never actually see more to what the word really means. It is a legal concept, which is enacted by most governments, thus giving the creator of an original work right for a limited time. Copyright has a few benefits; the main one is: ensuring the creator of his/her work that no one is and will not copy their work. It is easy to assert that a perk such as this can be beneficial, as if someone were to copy that persons work, he/she would have to face severe penalties. This being said, if permission is granted to him/her to copy the work, the creator, this way, makes a lot of money. Now, as for the disadvantages, people may see that not being able to copy anyone’s work may be inconvenient in a way. Despite the policy, people resume to disregard what costly judgment they may face, and steal other peoples work and make it their own, let alone share it amongst others. This hurts our creativity because if the creators did allow other people to use their work, maybe their ideas would intrigue and dazzle people. There is a barrier protecting people from copying their work, and in essence, does not reveal what may of assistance to many.

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