Benefits and Disadvantages of Wikipedia

‘Wikipedia’ is a search engine and an internet encyclopedia supported by the Wikipedia foundation. It is evidently an affinity for many because almost every information people week can be found on Wikipedia. The advantages are: finding information in a concise, easy way; finding references on the bottom of the page of the document linked to Wikipedia; learning and finding new things never heard of before and much more. The disadvantages, however, are crucial, considering people end up copying any pasting significant information from there and using it on their work. This led to schools/colleges disallowing the usage of Wikipedia, subsequently. Some information on Wikipedia is inaccurate, because the editor of that page committed a mistake or slyly made something up along the way. In spite of all this, Wikipedia is an astounding page to search for nearly anything, and people are satisfied with it. It is going to evolve slowly, and who knows, maybe everything needed in our lives will be incorporated there without any issues.

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