In this week’s reading, we are going to discuss about Copyrights. It is a law that protect the work of the copyright’s owner from being copied by someone else without a legal permission of the copyrights owner. Although, some people still wanted to copy the work  and use it for their own purposes. Copyrights had no problem dealing with it. As a matter of fact they made a deal which state that the works must not be  current. The works must be at least 28 years of use by the owner in order to be publicly used. In other words, you have to wait for that amount of time to be over so you could finally use the work of the owner publicly and legaly. Today,  they have increased the amount of the years of when the works would be released publicly. They kinda add the age of the owner and  such and such. Some people find it not fair and I agree with it because first of all, if it was a very succesful piece of work, the owner would have been a billionnaire a long time ago. The owner have had his chance. And second of all, most people who re-use those work usualy do not  use them for their own profit or as a commercial of their local businesses. Unfortunately, Copyright would have care less about it. So, what the people did was to take a little part of the owner’s  work without changing anything in it and made a remix of it on their own by using different images or videos or sounds. That way, the person would not violate the Copyright’s law.



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