Let me start by stating that i’m in favor of the current copyright law. I feel that only the author and there descendants should benefit from there intellectual property. George Lucas has the right to re-brand and profit from his original concept. Why should any other person be allowed to create a new vision for his characters. To me its not a matter of if these other creative minds can improve on Mr. Lucas concept, because i’m sure there are people out there who can. What i’m saying is if you are creative enough to improve Star Wars then create your own franchise. What I did find surprising about this video was how hypocritical the Walt Disney company is in regards to copyright laws. They benefited from outdated copyright stories, which they re-imagined and made a fortune. They then supported for the life of the author plus 70 years copyright law, assuring that no one can do exactly what they had done. On second thought made its not only hypocritical, it just screwed business. At the end of the day that’s what these laws protect, the creators business.





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  1. Julissa <3 says:

    I slightly agree with the points you’ve made in defense of the copyright law. I too believe that another individual shouldn’t profit off of my original ideas or anyone else for that matter but to a certain extent. For example if an author writes a book and someone else comes along with there own positive ideas to make it better, or more interesting for a larger audience than the author original could, for a profit or not, I don’t see how an author would feel threaten by it. As long as credit of how they came up with the newer version of ideas are given to the original author I don’t think its wrong, actually if someone made an interpretation of my original piece I’d be flattered and very much interested of what they think of it. In my opinion 70years is way too long of a block on a piece that can be remixed for a newer audience.

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