Blog 5 – Web 2.0 Wiki – Reading Response

The Wikipedia entry on Web 2.o explains that Web 2.0 is the newer version of the original World Wide Web the second generation of it so to speak. Web 2.0 is a way to connect with the what you may read or watch on the internet as well as other users, it is a form of interaction. Examples of Web 2.0 would be a blogging sites, or a social media sites, podcast, tagging, where one can voice there opinions and views on something for others to see. Web 2.0 is the comment box at the bottom of this blog entry. The entry then goes on to speak on Web 3.0, a third generation of the World Wide Web where things are computer and virtually generated rather then the work of man. An example of Web 3.0 would be the making of a movie, video, blog that one can view in 3-D.

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