Blog 4

According to the articles, zines are self-published works or texts that can range from a variety of topics (ex. From personal life to national or international issues of the world). I did not know what zines were or did it existed until after I found out in class. There were a couple aspects that I find zines interesting from published works. First, there are no limits placed by a publisher or sponsor on the production of zines, the authors are in control on the text that is written, writing style, and design. However, this can be negative as well due to not many people aware of its existence and writing style can be disorganized, making it hard to read. Second, censorship is hardly ever found or enforced with zines since they are original works belonging with the authors. Third, zines are useful regarding as alternative sources of information that explain more in depth about a topic/issue. This is due to the fact that official published works can sometimes be censored or written the way the author wants you to think. As effective zines are sometimes as sources of alternative information, they are uncommon and hard to find since they are not heavily distributed among people.

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