Alternative Media

In this week’s reading the author Eland gives us a general overview of alternative media in the United States. In this article, Critical Thinking, Deviant Knowledge, and the Alternative Press, the author begins by telling how little thought most people give to the reliability of the information they receive daily through the media. He goes on to discuss how much if not all the information we consume from traditional media sources is littered with significant bias . He goes on to tells how this bias is as a result of the overwhelming dominance of all forms of media by a few large and powerful corporations and it is this companies who decide the type of content released through certain outlets. He later concludes by implying that we need to have more diverse independent media sources to counteract the power and influence of bias corporate media outlets. The theme of Eland’s recur in Wright’s article and Zines 101. Both pieces talk about relatively new and ubiquitous news medium known as a zine. They both go into detail on the production, distribution, and purpose of zines along with how they affect the wider media climate.

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