Blog 4 – Eland – Reading Response

Elands, Critical Thinking, Deviant Knowledge and the Alternative Press is about how we as a person never really question what we learn and have learned so much as we should. When something is being taught to us, the more complicated matters we question how it goes about, but when it comes to things we’ve already acquired and have set into our everyday life we seem not to question. Eland explains that when you really think about it the thoughts that you have in your mind aren’t really as original as one would think. Every thought we have is triggered from something else a chain reaction so to speak, there we’re news features a while back of mothers walking across a street and a car comes and hits there child causing the child to be trapped underneath the car and the mother of the child lifting the car up to save there child. They couldn’t perform the task again if asked and couldn’t explain how exactly they did it to begin with nothing more then a response of “it was just my instances”. An instance that is questionable, they could’ve seen a superhero show and seen it done that way and thats where the thought came around. Eland goes on to explain that if we want to understand why and how the world works the way it does, why and how people work the way they do we must ask questions to help us to figure things out.

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