Blog post for 2/14

As I read the introduction to the article “The history and Characteristics of Zines” by “Fred Wright” I realize how expansive that zines have become. I feel that there’s a zine for everybody’s interest. Even while there are many online sources now Zines are being produced more today than ever, I found the difference between magazine and zines to be weird I did not really realize the difference other than they are less published and or spread out in an area. I feel it would be a lot easier to spread the Zine if you were in a city and with online sources how do we really see the difference between zines and magazines. I do enjoy articles that are not as known but I feel to be reliable because it’s confirmed a lot of information I believed to be true. So in the end the only differences I see to Zines and magazines is the fact that one is well known and funded the other is mostly funded by only the person making it.

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