What is Zines? Zine is a non-profitable, self published booklet that is produced by one or a few people. Zines even though comes from the word magazine is not related or a short word for magazine or fanzine. Zines usually have typos, opinions, and improper grammar something magazines will not have. Zine is something that can be opinionated, it does not have to be on a specific topic, it can on anything you decide to be on. Zines are not found anything, rather they are very hard to find. They could be found on the Internet, or spending where it is made in the city it could be found there. But with zine only a small amount is published. Zine as mentioned before it is a non profitable and it doesn’t really get much money. So why do people publish? People more then less publish to be heard or seen. Zines are really easy and affordable to make.

-Alae Mito

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