Discussion facilitator Summary

In the first reading, Sisario talks about how digital companies could ruin the the artist’s works. Some digital company such as Spotify uses free streaming songs to make people pay for subscriptions. The good thing about it is that it has earned the music insdustry’s approval by making a profit of it from the listeners. Other services such as Muve Music,  exploit  the works of the artists by making illegal downloads of their songs. “Muve Music, has quietly built one of the largest subscriber bases in the business by going after a part of the market that most digital companies have largely ignored: people who may not have computers at all.” – Ben Sisario. Some other companies look at Muve in a different angle. They see Muve as some sort of ways to attract customers to buy their products. But the real question is what will become the artist’s future? how are they going to make a living if their works are being stolen or pirated from them?

Pavlik explained in the reading  how the text , audio,and video changed news papers and other print media when the World Wide Web arrived in 1990s. It gave more various type of media to reach other audiences from the world. In other words, the internet was the new way to communicate to the world. The news papers and the other media then used it to share news to a bigger and broader audience. But now, since more and more people are using the internet, they started to create and make their own  websites,blogs,programs, and share  non-accurate files of informations.

From the title it’s self explanatory what Elton would be trying to bring our attention to. The writer is trying to figure out if anyone care about labels. Most people only know names on the singers and the major companies like def jam, universal music and Warner music. When people don’t support the labels it not only affecting the singer but all the other that work back stage. Elton brought my attention to things I never thought about before.

– Shamekia and Tojo

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