Blog 3 – Muve Music Article – Reading Response

The article “Muve music, for mobile users, thrives in shadow of competitors” by Ben Sisario informed me of a music streaming company that goes by the name “Muve Music”. Muve Music is a phone based music streaming app specifically for cricket phone carriers, where those customers can then subscribe and have the option to download and listen to the music of there choice unlimitedly for a fee of $10 a month. I’ve personally never heard of Muve Music before reading this article so I found it interesting that it is the company that’s coming out on top, above its competitors like Pandora. Pandora is the music streaming company that I prefer to listen to when I don’t want to here the music downloads I have on my phone or laptop already. According to the article the individuals that listen to Muve Music have a higher rate of actually listening compared to Pandora, 30 vs 20 hours per month. Seeing as how I don’t have a phone that’ll allow me to use Muve Music and it is strictly phone based I’ll just stick to Pandora.

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