Blog 2 – Media in the Digital Age – Reading Response

In the reading Pavlik discusses the differences of how society has changed so much when it comes to how news media information is distributed and received. He compares how media was in the past and how it is now in the present day. In the past news media was written and then photography was introduced in the nineteenth century which would make things that were written more accurate just as much as it could twist a story. In present day we receive news media information through news anchors, newspapers, and magazines. Pavlik explains how through the changes soon journalism will abolish due to the high usage of the internet based media sources, for example podcasting, and blogging. Pavlik goes on to say through the way society has been developed and through the accomplishments there are always bugs to be sorted out or “digital dilemmas”. Since we live in a society that is fast paced we expect to know what is going on before or during it actually occurs, which would twist accuracy because you don’t have the full details but have released the story.

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