Chapter1 Badke

Chapter one: What drew my attention was ever since the thought of knowledge as a way to control the masses has been conceived (such as through religion) there has always been a select few that have been able to maintain control over knowledge, and keep it away from certain parts of society. Even in today’s era, you have to go to college and get a degree in order to prove your specialization in that field of study and perform the practice. You also have to pay for that privilege. Although you can get the information from books or online or even through another person who tells the information to you, you still can’t legally put your knowledge into practice without passing exams and getting approved by certain facilities. This is how that old system of a small elite still manages to live on today. They know people don’t like to read and pay ridiculous amounts of money in order to learn the information. People want to get rich quick and save their energy for other things. The small elite narrow it down to a small population that is willing to put in the work and effort in order to obtain that information. The chapter then goes on and talks about the adaptations and innovations in the processs of knowledge to the general public, with the priniting press, the creation of the world wide web and finaly with books available through the internate. The monopoly on knowledge continues vaguely but is none the less still existent as companies want to maintain control over the knowledeg available.

Chapter eight: Im afraid im a connoisseur. Although i like a quick and exciting story given to me at ease, I also like to ponder and come up with my own conclusions and theories. It brings me into the relm of the story. In such case according to the book, I should like and do well when it comes to research, and although I like doing research I dont like having to swim in an ocean of information, mainly because I dont have the proper navigation skills. Badke

-Ricardo Martinez

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