Blog 1: Ch.1 and Ch.8, Badke

Access to information was not easily accessible to everyone, especially since there was no technology in earlier times. The only way to learn something was by asking around, which encouraged socialization and is diminishing the more advanced technology gets. Now, with the aide of the internet, anyone can access information on their own. The problem that arises is  anyone can contribute to the world wide web and anyone can access the information. This can make the source of information ambiguous and unreliable.

In order to┬áanalyze and evaluate the vast information you┬ágather, Badke┬árecommmends to ask yourself a series of questions to help you understand if what you’re reading has meaning and┬áif it’s┬áreliable. For instance, ask yourself what the author is trying to tell you and check the author’s credentials. This can help formulate your own thoughts or new ideas on the topic you’re researching, which is essential to writing a research paper.

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