Blog post Number One

Chapter one had me question a lot of my current beliefs, like when someone tells me something they have heard from someone else, I usually think about it for a minute and decide if I think it’s true or not. I do not think about the credibility of the person they received the information from. I felt I started to understand the perception of the change from textbook to current day research as I read though chapter one whist I prefer to have something from a textbook, I often question if its outdated material. With all of the online books and resources it makes me wonder if news papers will ever resort to only being online or maybe even automatically downloaded to our everyday devices by itself. Chapter eight definitely confused me a little bit I had to read it over a couple of times to understand it. It’s trying to explain to read but don’t get too much into what the authors life is like just find the information needed and drop the book I felt this is useful because if I keep reading it could have useless information that is not needed so I should skim though the book quickly to look for key terms. while if what is learned so far implies there is more to find out than I should keep reading until all the information I need is acquired.

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