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Urban design studio class Reflection

Urban design studio class reflection:

Meeting with three different groups who primarily wanted one thing for the Farragut houses neighborhood, and that was more commercial space to bring more people into the area, all in hopes of erasing the negative and scary reputation. And utilizing all the open green area. Being a skeptic towards certain ideas observing the students in their field and them being knowledgeable about the structure and their examples was very interesting because it was what I had in mind come to life. I would really love to see the playground by the F train turned into something beautiful.

Pre site visit NYPL

Post site visit:
The article “unbinding the atlas” brings up a question I’ve always thought about but never gave it more thought. I have to admit that this will be my first time in maybe 7 years (since high school, possibly) that I will be visiting a New York City library, and I’m quite excited. Especially to be utilizing it for the historic maps which are found online but there’s some that my class and I have learned are not online. The articles and historic maps are strategically posted online while the beauty of visiting a library the “old school” way is still there. And the decision to post them was questioned, my vote is against that because when you enter a library or use anything from there you assume that the source is creditable and you don’t doubt it. The web creates an uncertainty because anyone can post anyone.

Pre visit Reflection Post

Before the visit to the Farragut houses, without knowing how the area looks right now i am judging by what i do know of the area and imagining how it really does look.To help develop those thoughts i googled “farragut houses” to read on what is not going to be able to be observed at the site.  what i do know is that if it is the projects i can safely assume the demographic and class of people. overall i am just excited to broaden what i do know or be proven wrong on stigmas and get deeper into what i have only seen the surface of.