Pre visit Reflection Post

Before the visit to the Farragut houses, without knowing how the area looks right now i am judging by what i do know of the area and imagining how it really does look.To help develop those thoughts i googled “farragut houses” to read on what is not going to be able to be observed at the site.  what i do know is that if it is the projects i can safely assume the demographic and class of people. overall i am just excited to broaden what i do know or be proven wrong on stigmas and get deeper into what i have only seen the surface of.

One thought on “Pre visit Reflection Post

  1. Bibi

    I am very excited to visit the Farragut houses to gather firsthand information and to carefully observe the surroundings and the culture of the people that live there without intruding their privacy. I am also very excited about sketching important details that I think might mean something . On the other hand I am nervous about making the residents that live there feel uncomfortable by seeing a bunch of strangers walking around with sketchbooks and cameras as though we are documenting their lives. I expect to discover why the houses were built in that particular location and how the area has changed over the years such as what was demolished and torn down to what was newly built. Lastly, I am very eager to use the technique of sketching or recording what I saw and on the other column writing what I think it may mean because I think that is very important so as to not alter the primary source .


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