NYPL reflection

Unfortunately my classmate and I ended up at another library and not the main branch located on 42nd street . After we got to the China Town public library as Google maps directed us the librarian there gave us directions as to  where we can access the  F train that would lead us to the main branch on 42nd street. Even though we did not get to look at any of the  maps in the map room (room 215) I did manage to gather some information about the Farragut houses in the remaining class time at the NYPL. I  asked the librarian for assistance and was assorted to a section where I  saw one map of the area where the Farragut houses were built in a book titled, “BROOKLYN  NY VOL 12”. Although this visit wasn’t a huge success for me I do plan on revisiting the library sometime soon to look at as many maps as possible in order to better understand what that piece land was used for before everything was completely demolish and to also gain a broader perspective of the current and future of NYC Public housing.


20151021_123048[1] 20151021_123037[1]

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