DARYA | post- reflection on Urban Studio and visit architecture department

Architecture students brought new ideas to me about how I can differently look at the space. What I’ve learned from their projects is that open space is not safe and to make area safer it’s better to divide blocks and put more objects there. To make it safer they also want to build more commercial and residential spaces to make area more alive. Also i think it was a good idea to mix people by building luxurious and low-income places. At the same time all that projects were very modern but I really like the idea of historical district and it’s different from any other place stile. I was surprised how much work was done and how much ideas this student can bring to this world.

The Urban Studio visit clarified the idea of our project and I finally realized the main purpose of our research. The exhibition shows how beautiful and interesting we can present our work and make a good contribution into the data base of the New York history. The Urban Studio presented the history of one of the buildings of City College of Technology, the Mosaic Building. The exhibition includes 3D paper models of the area and architecture, historical timeline, pictures of the important  people who were working on the project. The story of the main element of the building, its symbolic and the author of it. It is the good example for us of how we can present our work.

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