per-visit reflection of NYPL

I am looking forward to Visit the NYPL map room and the library in general since I have never been there and I think will be a great learning experience . I think the idea of focusing on old maps to figure out what was on the piece of land where the Farragut houses were built is a very brilliant idea. Although everything is online and digitized many people would not see the purpose of visiting a library map room but like Professor Mogommery mentioned when you have something in front of you it is important to block everything out of your head that you may be thinking about before and just focus on what’s in front of you to see what’s there to discover and appreciate the preservation of history. I imagine the library to be a very busy touristic place with a lot of people going in and out. I personally, always enjoy spending time in a library because it is always very peaceful and quiet and it allows me to refocus in order to finish any school work I may still have pending. In addition this visit will also allow us to access maps that may not be found online since they may be very old and fragile. Lastly in the article, ” Unbinding the Atlas; Moving the NYPL map collection beyond digitization” it basically speaks of how maps go to the web as scanning images which makes it easier for information seekers to share the common desire to better understand a place through time and space as represented on a map  and as a result most map libraries are converting their map collection into a digital world to make it more time consuming and accessible to the public and people who share common desires to discover places.

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