Primary Sources: Built Environment

1. Building blocks of Brooklyn : a study of urban growth

Ment, David ; Robins, Anthony; Framberger, David; Brooklyn Rediscovery (Program) 1979

This source is relevant because it discusses the urban growth and change throughout Brooklyn.

2. The world in Brooklyn gentrification, immigration, and ethnic politics in a global city

DeSena, Judith N; Shortell, Timothy 2012

This book describes how Brooklyn has changed through gentrification.

3. Brooklyn Daily Eagle Photograph Collection (1900-1955)

This Source provides historical photographs of Brooklyn we can use to see what was there in a certain time period.

4. Brooklyn Historical Society

History center that has endless information on the history of Brooklyn, to include historical photographs.

5. The historical atlas of New York City : a visual celebration of nearly 400 years of New York City’s history

Homberger, Eric 1994

This is another source that includes many photographs of NYC.

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