Script immigration and housing

Learning Places Spring 2022

Podcast Script 

Adeel Ahmed:      as Ahmed

How NYC mayor is stepping into the immigration crisis?

  • Mayor Eric Adams declared a state of emergency on Friday as the number of people in New York City’s overwhelmed homeless shelters headed for a record amid the influx of thousands of migrants from Latin America. Mayer Adam declared a state emergency on the migrant crisis when more buses with immigrants started showing up every day. City asked Texas officials to stop sending busloads of immigrants to New York.

         How are public schools helping immigrant families and kids? 

  • Nyc schools are hiring more bilingual teachers to help these children without disrupting existing students. There should be after-school programs for students and for families to learn English. 
  • How do the people living in shelters feel about living in shelters? Is the city doing enough for them? 
  • Is the city doing enough for them since there was an incident where a mother committed suicide in the queen’s shelter? Why she have committed suicide?
  •                  How do the people living around the shelters feel about it? 

            The presence of a shelter appears to cause property crime to increase by 56% within 100m of that shelter, with thefts from vehicles, other thefts, and vandalism driving the increase.

  • How NYC is helping asylum seekers? 
  • They can go anywhere in the US to file for asylum, which means if they have families in other states they can go live with them and still be able to seek their legal documents. Since many are claiming that they didn’t know they were coming to NY until they got here. 
  • How do students feel about immigrant students coming to class?  
  •     How NYC is going to provide jobs for immigrants?

Iqra Bhatti:  as Elizabeth 

How many migrants have arrived in Nyc since April? 

  • More than 17, 000 people have arrived since April. 
  • Also, the city will be spending more than 1 billion dollars by the end of this year. 
  • Republican officials blame joe Biden for the record-high number of arrivals at the border. 

What happens to migrants when they reach the border?

  • Once the agents have processed everyone, the migrants are bused to a Customs and Border Protection facility where they wait in more lines and answer more questions.
  • Some may stay there for several days before officials decide whether or not they can remain, at least for now, in the country.

Why are migrants coming to New York?

  • There are more than 20,000 migrants that flooded into NYC since April.
  •  Many of them are from republican led border states, For example, taxes and Arizona. 
  • Many of those coming to New York were Venezuelans fleeing poverty, and violence, and hoping to apply for asylum. But the process can take years and, for much of that time, they aren’t allowed to work
  • Many migrants come to New York on their own with the financial assistance of nonprofits. 

How many people are living in the shelter system after migrants have arrived?

  • Since April Nyc has had more than 61,000 people in the shelter system. 
  • Which includes thousands of New Yorkers experiencing homelessness.
  • Thousands have been abused over the past few months from other parts of New york.  

Extra questions to ask:

What was life like for immigrants in NYC? 

Jennifer as Mis Anna 


There is an opinion that goes by in this article that expresses the current situation of an immigrant named Jefferson Rojas who came from Venezuela and was telling his experience to get here by foot, he had to pass through different jungles, and once a man attacked him with a machete to take his tent. How can we improve safer travel for those who are leaving their countries due to the fact that they want a better and safe life? 

 How can teachers improve their communication with immigrant families? There are many times when families need more communication with families due to the lack of understanding of a different language. It is hard to learn a new language, especially a foreign language. It goes both ways, teachers should be taught in college to at least know the basics of a different language. Or there could be another teacher who dedicates time to understanding families that need help when it comes to understanding homework and any paperwork that needs to be filled out. 

Nowadays classrooms are very diverse, which is one of the positive things when it comes to having many students from different countries. There is a diversity in culture in many classrooms because of this it is very helpful for students to learn other cultures and languages by making friends. What extra activities can schools have to make everyone feel at home and interact with one another and create a better positive environment.?

Uton Powell: As A curious citizen who had past experiences with asylum seekers in his neighborhood.

(Question I asked people in my neighborhood & other neighborhood to get a better insight on emotions or reactions to the change)

1.     How are New Yorkers stepping in to help asylum seekers to feel comfortable? As said by New York Times we are welcoming them but do you believe it is because they want to or it is by force?

2. As New York City anticipates surpassing the highest recorded shelter census, Mayor Adams declared an asylum seeker state of emergency and called for urgent aid from federal & state governments on October 7, 2022. Do you think homeless New Yorkers or citizens were offended by that decision knowing us in inflation and many of our own citizens are starving or need funding for better living conditions?

3. As people of this community, what can we do to overcome this inflation crisis or racial crisis, eventually hoping to leave a positive impact on equal rights? Do you believe the government will have enough funding to support us citizens and these seekers

4. Over the years little has been done that will evolve or enlighten the lower class, communities, people, roads, or infrastructures in your opinion. Is it done intentionally, explain. Even with these people running away from harsh conditions, do you believe life is better here? Would they stay here?

5. In what mental or physical ways can we regroup and rebuild the world for a more sustainable way of life and a better government that treats all equally?