The Production Process (Reflection)

The parts of the projects we imagined were going to be the more difficult  parts turned out to be easy. We figured actually recording the podcast was going to be difficult, with a lot of takes. Although that may be partially due to the script, which incorporated many things into it, and was overall very detailed. This of course meant the script took much longer to write than normal, but the payoff was worth the struggle. Recording was made a bit difficult due to our nervousness. This was the first time, for any of us, that we recorded a podcast. Fortunately we managed to record in one take, and delegated the editing to a member who already has experience with audio editing. Instead of everyone contributing to everything, we divided up the tasks based on who was better at doing what. The script and formatting of documents was delegated to one person, the audio production/editing to one person, and the project site by the remaining members.